Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

In the spirit of Setters helping Setters, the Pace University Alumni-Student Mentoring Program facilitates academic and career-related conversations between current Pace students and alumni. It offers our students an opportunity to seek knowledge and advice, explore career fields that interest them, and build their professional network. At the same time, it provides our alumni with an opportunity to give back to their alma mater in a meaningful way by sharing invaluable personal and professional experience with future colleagues.

Structured to accommodate the mentoring style that works best for everyone’s availability, this program allows alumni and students to connect in the following ways:

  • One-to-one Mentoring: ranging from a single semester to a year-long partnership
  • Flash Mentoring: Short, one-time conversations to address a key issue like interview preparation
  • Fast Mentoring: Limited commitment focused on 1–2 significant interactions in 30 days (e.g., shadowing part of a day, longer discussions on career advice)

Key reasons why you should join the program
Become a Mentor!

  • Meet up-and-coming talent and expand your network
  • Share your expertise and unique insights on navigating the workplace, career, and building a robust network
  • Strengthen your professional communication and leadership skills
  • Exchange ideas and perspectives in your field
  • Motivate someone to pursue a new level of professional success
  • Give back to Pace in a meaningful way

Meet a Mentor!

  • Grow your Pace network today while preparing for your future!
  • Build your self-confidence
  • Explore different workplace cultures and experiences
  • Learn insider information about your field and shortcuts to success
  • Strengthen your interpersonal skills

Requirements and Expectations


We are looking for representatives from a variety of industries in which students plan to pursue careers to offer trusted guidance, advice, and support. Our students will come to the program at different points in their academic experience and personal lives requiring different levels of advice; however, fostering person-to-person communication and networking as key skills is at the core of the program. Mentors are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Graduated three or more years ago.
  • Currently employed or recently retired (i.e., within past three years)
  • Committed to being available for regular contact with their mentees
  • Complete the enrollment form found here and agree to act in accordance with the Pace Code of Conduct and University Policies.
  • Provide regular feedback to the program coordinators

Student Mentees:

Students should be sure they can commit the time and dedication needed for a successful mentoring partnership. It is incumbent on the student to be proactive in reaching out to their mentor, remain professional at all times, and be open-minded about the type of mentor they seek (i.e., many of our alumni mentors have diverse skills and experiences beyond their current job titles). Students are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Achieved enough credits to be considered a sophomore, junior, or senior. Note: This program is not open to freshman.
  • Be currently enrolled and taking courses at Pace University. Note: This program is designed for undergraduates, though graduate students will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Be available for substantial contact with their mentors throughout the academic year.
  • Commit to regularly communicate and be responsive to the program staff and their mentor.
  • Attend events and trainings as frequently as possible--conflicts with courses, job responsibilities, and rehearsals will be taken into consideration.
  • Login or use the software platform at least weekly for communication, scheduling, and resources.
  • Complete the enrollment form found here and agree to act in accordance with the Pace Code of Conduct and University Policies.

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