Alumni Spotlight

Mariah Kitner '15

Mariah Kitner '15 is an artist and curator on the move. After graduating from Pace with a BFA in Fine Arts and minor in Art History only two years ago. She has been exhibiting her own work and the work of others with a passion. Mariah started working for Pace professors while she was an undergraduate, assisting Professor Linda Herritt with a sixty-foot wide multimedia installation at Pierogi's Boiler Room, as well as working as an artist assistant - and now studio manager - for Pace Professor and Artist-in-Residence Jane Dickson for the past two and a half years.

Her senior thesis at Pace was a portfolio of digital works that became the blog, If Paintings Could Text. The works deconstructed content vs context by combining classic art history paintings with humorous drunk text messages and using the Internet as a platform. The blog has been acknowledged worldwide with over 150,000 followers on Tumblr today. It was recognized as one of the “Top Trending Blogs of 2014” by Tumblr and was nominated for a Shorty Award for Best Tumblr Blog of 2014. It has been written about in multiple online publications such as Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Buzzfeed, Nylon Mag, and RYOT. The success of the blog propels the Mariah's mission to have people connect to art and through art, by making art history accessible and palpable for today's society.

In the past year, Mariah worked as a curatorial associate for the SPRING/BREAK Art Show and instantly fell in love with curating. She then created her first show at a friend’s bar and proceeded to curate a charity auction featuring over 30 emerging and established artists at the Metropolitan Pavilion. At the beginning of 2017, Mariah created The 50/50 Show in which she sold fifty new and original paintings for fifty dollars each. The show was an exercise in producing and was deemed a success with twenty-nine pieces sold.

Currently, Mariah's curatorial project was selected as one of 130 projects to be featured in this years Black Mirror themed SPRING/BREAK Art Show (S/B). S/B is a curator-driven art fair during Armory Week with alternating venues and themes. Mariah is proud to present her show, Reflected Perceptions, featuring six artists who reflect and alter perception through a variety of mediums such as painting, mirrors, projections, and virtual reality. With today’s content created society and dependency on technology, the question is: have we lost our sense of Self through the use of high tech manipulation or is technology simply a tool? How alike are these advancements to the old mysteries of the 18th century, obscuring and distorting our own view?

The goal of this exhibit is for the viewer to walk away with a paradigm shift; to take the tools we use on a day-to-day basis and question the truth of their influence and manipulation in their lives. The SPRING/BREAK Art Show is running March 1-6, 11am-6pm, at 4 Times Square on the 22nd and 23rd floor. For more information check out

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