Alumni Spotlight

Ryan Barone '16

Ryan Barone ’16, an Economics & Mathematics and Computer Science alumnus, reflects on how Pace impacted his professional life and helped inspire the development of RentRedi, a mobile application designed to make renting easier.

At the end of his sophomore year at Pace, Ryan landed a summer internship with Goldman Sachs in New York City and began apartment hunting with his friends. He recalls, “It was easy to find available apartments and tour them, but we didn’t realize all the documents you needed to secure an apartment. We ended up missing out on ones we liked because other people got their applications in faster than we did.”

This experience motivated Ryan to create a mobile app to streamline the rental process. “RentRedi helps users create a rental application packet with all the essential documents needed to secure an apartment in highly-competitive, fast-moving market where properties are rented in weeks, days or even hours,” said Ryan. “Users can complete the necessary paperwork before they even view an apartment, so they instantly share their application with the listing agent, landlord or management company when they find an apartment they like.”

Ryan is currently working on RentRedi full-time, along with fellow developer and Pace alumnus Meher Islam ’15. The app officially launched in the Apple App Store and Google Play last month.

Ryan credits Pace for giving him the tools to succeed in the working world. “One memory that sticks out in my mind is the first day of my Economics class. The professor told us we wouldn’t have a degree in just a specific subject, but also in a way of thinking. That stuck with me, and I learned that you need to have a good understanding of why you’re doing something and the purpose behind it.”

During his time at Pace, Ryan was very active and involved on campus. As Editor-in-Chief and Web Developer of the University’s economics newsletter, On the Margin, he was involved with transitioning the newsletter to a digital format, which helped spur his interest in computer science and programming.

He also served as Executive President of the Student Government Association (SGA), during which he created a program to provide copies of The Wall Street Journal to Pace University students and helped establish the Collegiate Congress, a non-profit organization that brings together student government presidents from colleges and universities in New York City. The group works to resolve common issues facing the SGAs and shares ideas for programs and initiatives. Ryan now serves on the Board of Directors and advises the organization.

For Ryan, having an open mind and thinking outside the box helped him find activities and career interests at Pace that he would have never imagined. His advice to current students: “Get involved in everything you can. A lot of people are looking to find that one thing they love, and for me, trying out a lot of different things helped me find interests I didn’t even know I had. And, those ended up being a big part of my life at Pace and now as an alum.”