Alumni Spotlight

Farimah Schuerman ’82 puts her experience in Educational Technology to Work

Going to study education at Pace “just seemed to make sense” to Farimah Schuerman, who graduated from the SOE with a BS degree in Elementary Education in 1982. At a time when the field of Educational Technology was in it’s nascent stages, she learned through experience how to merge her background in teaching with her understanding of technology and marketing.

While finding a traditional classroom teaching job wasn’t in the cards for Farimah after graduation, she found herself at a small firm that had data centers around the country. From there, she went to a company that needed to blend education with IBM technology; experiences she had gained provided both areas of knowledge. She later moved on to Simon & Schuster, who was specifically looking for someone with a background in education, (later that became Pearson,) to work with web-based products and distance learning. The rest is Ed Tech history.

With more than 20 years experience in the Educational Technology industry, Ms. Schuerman has worked as a consultant and is now the SVP of Strategy and Alliances for Copia Interactive, a company that provides innovative strategies for companies, districts and clients that deliver educational materials through a variety of platforms.

With Educational Technology now being a specific track for graduate students, Farimah noted that Pace’s program gave her a foundational understanding of the process involved with teacher education and “insight to the policies and where the power lies for change.” Utilizing this lens helps her stay current in her position.

Her advice to students: “read and stay current in what is really happening in the field. Schools and employers are looking for hires that are flexible.” Additionally, Farimah says that if you are “skilled, prepared and able to travel” you will open yourself up to a world of opportunity in the job market. “The jobs are there, they just might not be in your backyard.”