“During this past year I had the privilege of mentoring 5 different Pace students. I was able to help 3 obtain jobs through resume review and mock interviews. (The other 2 students include one underclassmen and one alum). I met one mentee at the mentor brunch and was able to coach her to land a position at a major investment firm. This has been a profoundly rewarding experience.” – Michael Sabatell '83 (mentor)

“Things are going well with my mentor. We have not been able to meet in person yet but we have talked via phone and email multiple times and he has shared some great feedback and guidance on the business venture I am attempting to start–an expertise of his I am particularly hoping to develop myself. Today, I even used some of the lessons I have learned from him to help another student begin working on their own business venture!” – Ryan Barone '16 (mentee)