Frequently Asked Questions


What is mentoring?
Mentoring is a learning partnership where an experienced mentor draws upon their knowledge, skill set, and personal experience to provide guidance and feedback while at the same time facilitating the personal growth and development of a less-experienced student mentee. The student will take an active role and holds the primary responsibility for their own learning and development. The mentor facilitates growth by asking thought-provoking questions, serving as a role model, and offering guidance related to making personal and professional decisions. The intended outcome is that the mentee gains greater insight and becomes better prepared to make informed strategic decisions.

Why should I participate in the Alumni-Student Mentoring Program?
Pace students are willing and eager to learn from your professional experience and personal insight. We want to ensure that they are prepared in every way possible as they enter the workforce and become productive members of society upon graduating from Pace. As a mentor, you will find that working with students is rewarding and can provide you with new insights and a fresh perspective, as well as allowing you to become better connected with Pace. This also offers you a way to learn more about the talent pool who will become future employees, colleagues, and leaders.

What type of experience do I need to have in order to as serve as mentor?
The Alumni-Student Mentoring Program is designed to engage alumni volunteers of all backgrounds and experience levels. Prior mentorship experience is not required.

Why do you require mentors to have graduated at least five years ago or be recently retired?
Our students are looking for successful, relevant leaders in a variety of fields. By being out of college for a period of time, you offer a broader perspective on personal and professional goals. We have also found that our students select mentors based on key factors such as company, job title, and descriptors found in the online bios. Exceptions to the stated criteria will be review on a case-by-case basis and you should contact if you are interested in volunteering.

How does it work?
Students and prospective mentors begin the process by completing an online user profile that provides basic information such as education, career interests, and mentoring styles. The system suggests matches based on these profiles, and provides students with a recommended list of prospective mentors. Students can then choose which mentor they would like to connect with and initiate contact to begin a mentor/mentee partnership. Mentors also serve a valuable role in providing advice and guidance to the cohort of participants through the discussion channel, connecting with new mentors, and may choose to reach out to a particular student if they feel they can help address a goal or interest the student has put forward. After they are contacted by students, alumni mentors can choose which students along with how many students to mentor based on their mutual interests, relevant experience, types of mentoring requested, and availability.

What makes it different from other mentoring programs?
First and foremost, our program is unique in that it serves the University-wide community rather than a just a specific program or school. To work on such a broad scale we must regularly seek feedback, review the needs of participants, and refine our program. As such, a new level of clarity, flexibility, and efficiency has been incorporated into the program for the current academic year. PeopleGrove, which is the program’s new online platform, uses an algorithm to ensure logical, relevant matches based on the profiles submitted. Mentors can control their level of participation in the program in a way that works best with their availability.

Is the mentoring program a way for students to find a job?
No. While it is a great way for students to connect with alumni for valuable career guidance and other support, it is not intended as a job search tool. Students who are specifically looking for job leads should contact Career Services by visiting their webpage or e-mail

What should I do if I am concerned about a student that I am mentoring?
We are here for you. If you are ever concerned about a student, for any reason, please contact and we will determine the best course of action or source of support. If this is an urgent matter, you may contact the Assistant Vice President of Alumni and Parent Relations Dawn Rigney at (914) 773-3944.

I'm an international student, may I ask my mentor for help with obtaining a visa?
No. Career Services can help you with these sort of requests. Please visit their webpage or email them at for assistance.

For any other questions, please contact